My Father’s Heart

Publisher: Da Capo Press
Pub. Date: February 1, 2008
ISBN: 9780738210971

A memoir of a father and son relationship cut short by heart attack, and the powerful pull of love across the empty years.

Sixteen-year-old Steve McKee watched his father die of a heart attack on the couch in their TV room. A lifelong smoker and workaholic, John McKee had been floored by a heart attack five years earlier. The McKee clan-perhaps including a demoralized John himself-had long been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

At age fifty-two, Steve McKee learned that he was his father’s son more than he had ever hoped-he, too, has serious cardiovascular disease. Haunted by his father’s seeming surrender to the condition, McKee set out to find the man who died before the son could know him. In so doing, what might he, Steve McKee, learn of himself?

Chronicling the disorienting first days following John McKee’s death, My Father’s Heart is an extraordinary story of an all-too-ordinary scenario: A father dies, a son remains, and the loss casts a long shadow across a generation. Rich in evocative detail of time, place, and family, it is a powerful memoir of love, forgiveness, and finding oneself.


Publisher: Stackpole Books
Pub. Date: March 1994
ISBN: 9780811725378

Coaches from dozens of different sports and every level of competition offer candid thoughts on winning and losing, success and failure, preparation, and building a team.

The Call of the Game

Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies
Pub. Date: November 1986
ISBN: 9780070453548

The year 1983 was a sports junkie’s dream come true for New York schoolteacher McKee, who took a sabbatical to attend sporting events throughout the U.S. He began with bobsled racing at Lake Placid in January and ended with the Super Bowl at Tampa the following January. In between were contests like the first night game of the U.S. Football League in Birmingham, the NCAA basketball championships in Albuquerque and the World Series in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Then there were the games of less moment like the National Jousting Tournament in the nation’s capital, the National Juggling Festival in New York State and the Continental Team Tiddlywinks Championships in Boston. McKee describes some 55 events the participants, the spectators and the sites with infectious enthusiasm, and the result is unadulterated fun for the reader.