Row, He Said, Again




1:17 pm

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Today’s Workout:
3 x 2,000m
Split: 2:15
Strokes per minute: 18 to 22
Rest: 3 to 5 minutes
Drag: 110
Compliance (1 awful to 10 great):  “10”

Monday, September 14, 2009
Today’s Workout:
Split: 2:25
Strokes per minute: 16 to 22
Drag: 110
Compliance (1 awful to 10 great): “7”
Total meters rowed: 16,000m

As Dolly Parton used to sort of sing it: “Here I row again.”

The C.R.A.S.H.-B.’s, the World Indoor Rowing Championships, this year are on Valentine’s Day. This must be love. I have run a marathon. I have done a triathlon. What I have never run/done is one of them again. But after doing the C.R.A.S.H.-B.’s back in February, I have decided to come back for more. Good idea? Hold that thought.

Back when I worked at what was then called American Health magazine, when I was an editor for a group of weightlifting/workout magazines, even when I was the sports editor of the first incarnation of The Wall Street Journal’s sports page, we used to run the occasional essay/article on “How I Did My First (fill in the difficult athletic challenge of your choice here).”  But I always thought a better, more instructive, more telling essay/article would be “How I Did My SECOND (fill in the difficult athletic challenge of your choice here).”

A first ANYTHING is never not fun, never not exciting, never not a stand-the-hair-up-on-the back-of-your-neck experience. “It Feels Like the First Time,” Foreigner declared. Well, no. It never feels like the first time again, does it? BECAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT’S GOING TO FEEL LIKE.

And so it will be with this second row, me on the Concept2, blogging “My Rowing Heart: The Repachage.” I know how much work this is going to be. I know how much this is going to hurt. The accomplishment will be in knowing all that and still doing it anyway.

Not that it won’t be fun. Not that it can’t be fun. I just need to keep in mind that whatever it will be, it will be different from the first time.  

So here I row again.

(For this row this year I have a coach to guide me. Tom Corcoran, the new head coach at a high school in New Jersey, he is also my wife’s cousin’s son. Official introduction coming soon. In the meantime, here’s his blog, and here’s the workout schedule he’s devised for me.)