审计 & 评论



A 财务报表审计 or review can introduce needed transparency into the organization's operational and financial status. 根据这些信息, the organization can make better decisions and other stakeholders can feel more informed about the organization's performance.




Organizations seeking security and re保证 about the organization's operations and financials for internal and external stakeholders



Organizations seeking to meet regulatory requirements for 审计 or other 证明 services


Provide visibility and security to an organization's lenders and stakeholders about an organization's financial status

Lay the foundation for access to capital and other resources needed (often required by lenders and investors)




对于一个 财务报表审计, an audit team 评论 an organization's financial statements and the underlying data that supports them to ensure that the information is fairly and materially stated and reflects the organization's financial status. 在野外工作, the team coordinates scheduling and deadlines with the organization's financial leadership, 评估可能影响财务表现的风险, explores whether reasonable assumptions were made in creating the financial statements and determines an audit plan. 一次在客户的组织现场, the audit team 评论 and confirms selected financial information (such as bank statement reconciliations, inventory and accounts receivable/payable) for comparison with the financial statements, 并检查某些内部控制. 团队还需要考虑舞弊的可能性.

对于接受联邦基金的政府和非营利组织 单一的审计 确定资金是否被用于预期的目的.

在田野调查的结论, a final meeting is held onsite with the organization's financial leadership to resolve any remaining questions or issues. 然后AGH发布审计报告草稿供组织审查和评论, 然后是最终审计意见.

A 回顾订婚 primarily includes applying analytical procedures to management's financial data and making inquiries of management. 与审计相比,审查的范围要小得多. A review report states whether the audit team found any variances from generally accepted accounting 原则.

A 编译 与审计或审核相比,其范围要小得多. There is no independent inquiry and confirmation of the data; it is simply formatting information into a financial statement. A 编译 report is prepared indicating no opinion is expressed or any other 保证.

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肖恩·韦弗 leads the firm’s 保证 department and serves as a senior advisor to the 制造业 and financial services industry teams. 韦弗为客户提供生产服务, 金融服务业和建筑业, 以及其他与服务有关的组织. 注册会计师, 他是美国注册会计师协会的成员, 堪萨斯注册会计师协会 and the Institute of Internal 审计ors.

He currently holds board or leadership positions with the Kansas Board of Accountancy, 威奇托航空俱乐部, 威奇托制造商协会, 威奇托市中心发展公司, 和项目威奇托. He has also held recent board leadership positions at the Cosmosphere-International SciEd Center and Space Museum (formerly Kansas Cosmosphere) and Prairie Dunes Country Club.



库尔特Breitenbach specializes in serving middle-market closely held businesses and entrepreneurial enterprises. 他拥有超过35年的汽车经销商客户服务经验, 牛喂, 建设, 分布, 乙醇生产, 拥有多个州特许经营权的特许权人, 酒店, 制造业, 餐厅和批发. 除了, he has directed numerous litigation support projects related to lost profits/business interruption and damage calculations.

Breitenbach is a certified public accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 堪萨斯注册会计师协会(他是该协会的前任会长), the 威奇托制造商协会 and 建设 Financial Management Association.



Aron邓恩 devotes a significant part of his practice to serving agribusiness clients and leads AGH’s agribusiness team. 在超过20年的时间里帮助老年相关客户建立和保存财富, 邓恩的经验包括电梯操作, 谷物磨坊, 可再生燃料, 食品加工企业, 和牲畜饲养操作. 他在粮食库存存在方面很有经验, 谷物存货估价, 套期保值项目, grain-in-transit项目, 粮食基础和农业综合企业的其他高度专业化方面. 除了, he has special-project background in mergers and acquisitions and refinancing.

Dunn is a certified public accountant and a member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and 堪萨斯注册会计师协会 (KSCPA). 在某一时刻, 他是史上最年轻的KSCPA主席, long time former chair of the KSCPA’s 审计ing and Accounting task force and the Peer Review Process Improvement Task Force, 是KSCPA威奇托分会的前任会长. 他是AICPA's Accounting的前成员 & 审核服务委员会与美国注册会计师协会其他委员会和专责小组.



塔拉劳克林, 一个公共部门审计团队的副总裁, 专注于服务政府和非营利实体. 她的业务包括美国中部一些最大的地方政府实体.

Tara has earned the Certified 政府 Finance Manager credential from the Association of 政府 Accountants. 她是政府财务官员协会的积极成员和主持人. She is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and 堪萨斯注册会计师协会. Tara earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accountancy from 威奇托 State University.



迈克·洛瑞专门为政府和非盈利客户服务, 在这些领域领导公司的行业团队. 加入AGH之前, Mike’s experience included nearly 20 years of financial and technology leadership positions in hospitality management and software companies.

Mike is a certified public accountant who has earned the designation of Certified 政府 Financial Manager from the Association of 政府 Accountants, 他也是美国注册会计师协会的成员, 堪萨斯注册会计师协会, 和政府会计师协会. 他是一个经常的主持人和堪萨斯的成员, 密苏里州和大平原财政官员协会, 担任GFOA的年度报告审稿人.



马克Schmelzle领导着该公司的金融服务行业团队. 他的业务主要集中在金融机构, 制造/批发/分销实体和私募股权集团.

在金融服务业和制造业, 他的经验包括财务报表审计, 欺诈调查和其他类型的证明服务.

在私人股本领域, Mark provides a wide range of merger and acquisition services for private equity groups and their portfolio companies, 包括尽职调查, 现金流分析, 盈余审查的质量, 以及潜在的成本节约分析.

Schmelzle is a certified public accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 堪萨斯注册会计师协会和堪萨斯年轻银行职员协会. He is an alumnus of 领导 威奇托 and was named one of the 威奇托 业务 Journal’s “40 Under 40” young leaders in the community. He also serves in leadership positions for community organizations including Youth Entrepreneurs and the 威奇托航空俱乐部.